70% Naked Dark Chocolate Bars (100g)

70% Naked Dark Chocolate Bars (100g)


Plain Dark chocolate couverture, made using only two ingredients; cacao & unrefined cane (Khandsari) sugar. 


The cacao I use is from select farmers or cooperatives from each growing region in India. It is a fine flavour cacao as it is grown in an agroforestery system, preserving biodiversity, using ethical and chemical free cultivation and processing practices. Ensuring a much higher quality of beans than available as commodity trade. 


The added cocoa butter is also from origin farm as the bean, to maintain flavour profiles of terroir.


The sugar is from certified organic producers of traditional Indian Khandsari (unrefined cane) sugar. 

  • Storage Instructions

    Real Chocolate's ideal room temperature is between 18-22 degrees celcius, which is not always possible in India, which is why we advice that these bars be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for warmer climates. In such conditions (and no drastic changes) they should keep (maintaining flavour & temper) for 6-9 months. If they loose temper (goes white and changes texture) please note this is not "bad" or "off" and can still be used once melted, it just will not have the ideal tempered mouthfeel we desire in fine chocolate.