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My Story

Hello, my name is Aljai Singh,  I am  currently resident at Goa, from where I make my home crafted Bean-to-Bar Chocolate. Since January of 2019, I have  successfully produced upwards of 250 kg of dried cocoa beans into chocolate couverture from my home, by hand & using a wet-stone grinder.

Having devoted myself to this craft of chocolate making, I am now perfecting my hands on the single origin (state wise) bars that are currently being enjoyed  by most who try them. With a few regular clients, I am happy to say the feedback loop is complete, so now I enjoy the direct feedback of customers I can immediately please, in their next order. And I would be honored if you would join them :-) 

After conducting extensive research on the bean-to-bar movement, while putting in two years of experience making chocolate at home and attending a bean-to-bar chocolate making & business strategy workshop with one of India’s few chocolate sommeliers, and I am happy to be practicing my craft with greater ease and finesse as I progress.

By continuing to procure the best quality of ingredients via direct-trade with farmers (supporting them with a higher than farm-gate price for their products), having the most hygienic working conditions with high standards of operation and an intentionally inspiring and satisfying work atmosphere, I am determined to succeed and establish a dynamic and profitable business by making the best chocolate, India can produce.

Interested investors & angels please do get in touch ;-)

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